Why Shreddingmadeez

We us the most advanced equipment, combined with the best NAID AAA certification to ensure that your sensitive information is not at risk of being stolen. We believe in quality service, secure document shredding, minimizing environmental impact, and doing all of this at the best cost to you. Our technicians are efficient, courteous, and reliable.  We are committed to the highest quality of shredding service that there is out there, with the most competitive pricing in DC.

We will demonstrate our process to you and verify to you that all your sensitive documents have been shredded. We guarantee our work and our service for all our clients.

About Shreddingmadeez Washington DC

(Shreddingmadeez ) The Premier DC Shredding Service

Here at Shreddingmadeez we are a NAID AAA certified shredding company that serves the Washington, DC area. We are mobile and our trucks are housed locally within the area. This allows us to ensure timely responsiveness and high-quality service at an affordable rate for our clients.

Our Nation’s Capital houses some of the most important government agencies, large corporate businesses, the residences of very important people, and everyone in between. We provide these agencies with the confidence to know that their information has been handled with the utmost caution, ensuring the best information security in the business. Shreddingmadeez provides not only document and paper shredding but hard drive shredding and so much more that will ensure the information that you need disposed of, is disposed of currently.

Shreddingmadeez  Is able to be where you need us to be, when you need us to be there. No matter the amount of material you have that needs properly disposed of we can pick it directly from your office or home and then shred it immediately. Our shredding services is NAID AAA certified, the shredding industry’s highest certification for security; providing you with peace of mind about the information that you need shredded. If you need a reliable, secure, and highly responsible shredding company call Shreddingmadeez


Document Shredding

Shreddingmadeez  will provide you with the most efficient, consistent, and most importantly secure shredding services.

Hard Drive Shredding

Tech has taken over for housing information, (business name) ensures that hard drives that are ready for disposal and done so securely.

Document Scanning

Shreddingmadeez  is able to manage all of your document scanning needs, if you are looking to scale from paper files to digital, we are able to scan your document and upload them to a hard drive.

Where we work

We know the greater DC area because we are from the greater DC area. (business name) tech is able to safely navigate through the world-famous DC traffic. We know where it is safe to park to pick up information sensitive documents.

Environmental Impact

You may want to know what happens to your shredded material after we pick it up. We believe in a green bright future as much as you do, that is why our shredded documents do not go to landfills but are sent for recycling after we have completed shredding them.

Our Values

The best service

Here at Shreddingmadeez we believe in providing our clients with the best service in the industry. Our technicians hare highly trained and certified for handling sensitive information. They are friendly and profession and will provide you with an experience you will be happy to repeat.

The best price

We at Shreddingmadeez understand the cost of running a profitable business. One of the ways that we have set out to help our community is to ensure that sensitive information is shredded at the best cost to our clients.

The greatest security

To be a NAID AAA certified shredding service you have to demonstrate not only an understanding of sensitive information, but of how to properly dispose of it. We take information security seriously, and it is our #1 priority for you and your organization.

The Best in DC

We provide free secure shredding containers, we are NAID AAA certified, we provide the best pricing, have a local presence, and the best customer service in the industry – that is Shreddingmadeez

If you are interested in our DC shredding company, please contact us today by phone or e-mail. We are excited to demonstrate to you why we should have your business. We understand the need for secure shredding, but that alone is not enough to earn your business. You want to know that the documents or hard drives are securely shredded, have the best cost, be provided with consistently friendly customer service, know that the environmental impact is minimal, and so much more. We at Shreddingmadeez understand this because we are a business ourselves. We serve the entire DC area and are always expanding to where our clients need us most.