Why Mobile Shredding is Becoming the Most Popular Service among IT Companies?

History and origin

Before entering the world of mobile shredding business, let’s review a little of its history. The first shredding machines were designed and created at the beginning of the 20th century in New York City, by a man named Augustus Low. Shortly after shaping his first designs, patents were filed in 1909 but the machines never reached the public.

However, in 1935, a man named Adolf Ehinger designed, manufactured, and presented the first grinding machines on the market. However, when the machine arrived in the market, people used it to make homemade pasta. According to some stories, Adolf Ehinger was a Nazi who secretly created the machine to destroy all the political propaganda from the Nazis that he received.

It was not until 1959 when the machine began to be commercialized and very popular among politicians and financial institutions. Much of its initial success was due to updates to its mechanism. The cranks were replaced by a motor, the operation of the machines became more efficient and safe. Even today, the company created by Ehinger continues to design and create high efficiency grinding machines.

Mobile shredding

Growing popularity

The popularity of shredders began during the 1980s when a legislative decree from the U.S. Supreme Court determined the legality of seizing trash from people or institutions that were accused before a judge. This, along with the interpretation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, forced many individuals and businesses to purchase shredding machines to destroy relevant and compromising information.

Over the years, machine designs began to take giant steps in their evolution. With the emergence of many controversial cases from major companies in the last 20 years, the machines and the business model of the shredders had to change.

The need for companies to destroy compromising or confidential information became more and more important. For this reason, many companies have decided to create shredding machines that can be easily transported from one place to another.

How does it work?

With the evolution and demand of this business, more and more companies are offering this kind of service. Mobile document shredding consists of destroying important documents whose content is confidential to the public. These documents are destroyed in trucks that are specially designed to destroy large amounts of paper at the same time.

The mobile shredding business works from business to business. This means that only companies can request and make use of this type of service. Also, this way of shredding documents was designed to offer a more secure, efficient, and profitable service for all companies interested in destroying sensitive or confidential files.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the concept of this service originated more than 15 years ago in Canada when hundreds of companies complained about how slow the document shredding process was. Over the years, this way of destroying documents spread in the United States. Today, mobile shredding companies are increasingly popular on continents such as Europe and Asia.

Reasons for growth

This method of destroying documents has become a favorite of many major companies. Below we will show you a list of reasons why the mobile shredding business has become very popular among large companies, especially IT companies.

  • Internal consultation: customers can have a personal relationship with a mobile shredding company. With this type of relationship, customers can not only get information about the services but also have information and advice to ensure a successful operation in the destruction of documents.
  • Increased paper use: In the current digital era, the quality of prints on paper has improved significantly, and paper costs have been reduced dramatically in recent years. This results in increased paper use by companies. With increased paper use, there will be greater demand for mobile shredding services.
  • Identity Theft: Identity theft or insider trading is not just a problem for large institutions. It is a problem that is becoming more common among governments in many countries of the world. For this reason, legislation has been developed that encourages the destruction of highly relevant and sensitive documents.
  • All information is confidential: it is no longer a secret that most companies in the world work with documents that contain important and compromising information for their business model.

From price lists, customer lists, annual estimates, sales numbers, tenders, employment contracts, or correspondence. Most of the information a company works with is considered private. For this reason, many companies must keep this kind of information as a secret.

  • Information in the wrong hands: If there is one thing that companies in the modern era are trying to protect, it is to prevent privileged information from getting into the hands of unscrupulous people and organizations. To avoid any inconvenience or serious problem, owners, employees, and customers have the right to protect their data or any compromising information.
  • Government participation: more and more governments are strengthening the thought and practice of destroying all information considered private or confidential. With the continuous creation of legislation that encourages this practice, mobile shredding businesses have had an increase in their operations and services.

A service without complexes

In today’s age, knowledge is everything. The one who has more information on a given subject will have an easier path to success. For this reason, in the business world, it is of vital importance to protect personal interests through the destruction of sensitive and private documents.

The mobile shredding business has no complexes, is designed to destroy large volumes of information quickly and efficiently. With the guarantee that customers can monitor the process at all times. Especially when this process must be done periodically.

As this is a delicate business, the companies involved must deal with professional mobile shredding companies. To avoid any kind of risk, in a world where privileged information can determine the future of a company or person, it is very important to use and improve this kind of service that offers peace of mind and security of private information.

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